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Delivery Partner:
Young Scot

Curriculum Links:
Maths, Numeracy and Finance

Suitable Audience:
S3, S4, S5, S6

Start/End Dates:
Available 5th Sep - Jun 2023

Timetable Availability:
Can be delivered flexibly at a time which fits the school timetable on a Tuesday or Thursday (AM or PM)

Number of Sessions:

Session Duration:
45 Minutes

Repetition Frequency:
As often as required

Max Capacity:
1 school/unlimited pupils

Money and Me provides information for young people on financial literacy skills, from how to budget to understanding their first payslip. These interactive workshops will enable learners to gain knowledge and skills to help equip them for life after school, as well as practical information and tips on how to manage their money now.

This course will facilitate the development of learners’ skill in budgeting, saving and understanding financial terms. This will help prepare them for their future as they develop confidence in managing their finances responsibly and understanding the impact of financial decisions.

  • Session One: The aim of the first lesson is to introduce the concept of budgeting and its benefits. Learners will understand with the use of examples, different budgeting techniques and how to budget effectively.
  • Session Two: The aim of this session is to explore different ways to save money. Learners will find out how to use their Young Scot National Entitlement Card to save money, how to manage their money once they are employed and why saving money is so important right now due to the current cost of living. They will also explore simple and compound interest.
  • Session Three: The aim of this lesson is to explain the purpose of National Insurance as well as pensions, and how they work. Learners will develop an understanding of workplace pensions, state pension and private or personal pensions as well as why they are important.
  • Session Four: The aim of the final session is to provide definitions of the different types loan, credit and the impact of borrowing money. Learners will develop an understanding of mortgages, credit cards, higher purchase agreements and debt.

DYW Context:
Managing money is a key skill when it comes to entering the world of work, whether it’s knowing what tax is, understanding pensions or simply understanding what a payslip means. This course will help learners to find out information on these key areas as well as learn how to make a budget, consider saving for the future and what to do if they ever find themselves in debt.

Additional Requirements:
Webcam required and individual devices required for pupils to fully participate.

Other Info:

Financial Education, Numeracy, Money Management

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