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FAQ's e-Sgoil Study Support

What is e-Sgoil?

e-Sgoil is a remote teaching facility based in the Western Isles of Scotland. Since its inception, e-Sgoil's main driver has been to enhance equity in terms of subject choice for all pupils, irrespective of geographic location.

Utilising digital tools & platforms, e-Sgoil has sought to both enhance and enrich pupil experience by looking to remove the barriers which restrict choice for young people. Having recently piloted a programme for Interrupted Learners accessing lessons from home, e-Sgoil is well placed to support young people across Scotland with their learning.

What is the e-Sgoil National Offer Study Support?

In order to enable you to consolidate your learning, e-Sgoil is offering a programme of Study Support for Senior Phase pupils in Scottish schools. This provision is free to access and will be delivered out with the school day, to pupils in their homes.

Does e-Sgoil’s National Offer cater for all levels of the Senior Phase?

Phase 1 of the offer will focus on Nat 5 & Higher level courses only. e-Sgoil hope to widen the range of subjects and levels on offer during Phase 2.

Will the Study Support provision cover the whole of my Higher/Nat 5 course?

No. That is not the purpose of the Study Support provision. It seeks to complement the teaching you are receiving in school from your own teachers.

How often are the live webinar lessons and how long do they last?

The live webinar lessons are weekly and will last for 45 minutes. They will be delivered over an initial eight-week period starting at the beginning of September.

Who will deliver the live webinar lessons?

Live, interactive webinars will be delivered online with specialist teachers on hand to support you in your learning. Webinars will be delivered through Teams within Glow. You will see and hear the teacher(s) and communicate with them through the chat function. You will be expected to have your camera switched off.

How do I sign up for a live webinar lesson?

All you need to do is click on the link on the live webinar lesson flyer and complete the application from. It is easy to complete but please make sure you have your Scottish Candidate Number available and that you know how to access your Glow account before you start the process. Please note that you can sign up to multiple live webinar courses using a single application form.

Which courses are available?

Live webinar courses are available for the following subjects; Business Management, Chemistry, Computing Science, Eachdraidh, English, French, Gaelic, Gàidhlig, History, Mandarin, Maths, Music, PE, Physics, RMPS and Spanish.

What do I need to have before I can join the live webinar lessons?

You will need access to a laptop/device and if possible a separate headset. You will need a suitable study space.

Where do I attend classes?

Classes are held online and can be accessed from anywhere.

When are the live webinar lessons?

Live webinar lessons will be either at 5, 6, or 7 p.m. on different days of the week.

How many pupils are in the live webinar lessons?

Live webinar lessons are not ‘classes’ or ‘lessons’ in the traditional sense as they are designed to cater for large numbers of pupils. These live webinar lessons are designed to help as many pupils as possible to consolidate their learning which may have been disrupted during the lockdown period.

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